March 2020 Page Kit ~ Laurie

Today’s feature layout was created by Laurie. She decided to feature photos of one of her favorite bands to showcase this cool paper line.


I love how on her first layout Laurie has used her navy bakers twine to add a border around this layout to mirror the white border that is printed onto the patterned paper background of her second layout. She made sure the twine would stay in place by poking holes at the corners and treading the twine through so the ends would be on the backside of the layout. She then neatly secured them with tape to the back, which means she didn’t have to worry about adhesive showing up on the front of her layout.


The focal point of this layout is definitely all the creative techniques Laurie used to add texture, dimension, and colour to her star die-cut piece. To add some more colour, she applied Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink using a foam dabber. By applying it at the top and the bottom while leaving the middle section white, Laurie created a cool gradient between the two colours. She applied the ink heavier on the topmost and bottom-most sections, and only very lightly where the blue transitions to white closer to the middle.


Laurie also got creative with adding bases behind some of her stars. Some of the cool techniques she used can be seen in the next three photos. For the star in the first photo, she added strips of ribbon behind the star. This gives it a pop of colour and adds some great texture and dimension. For the second star, Laurie used a light brown ink to colour some white cardstock. Next she used a dark brown large-tipped marker to draw streaks over the light brown. She then cut it to the size of the star and adhered it behind. It gives it a cool wood-like texture. For the third star, Laurie used the green cardstock. After she adhered it to the backside of the star, she used a green felt-tip marker to add the dots in areas you would expect to see a shadow.


In the second layout Laurie used the rest of the star die-cut template and got creative with sequins.


Laurie also added the blue to white gradient on her stars on the second page, which helps create consistency between the two layouts.


I think this is my most favorite detail on the whole layout! Laurie added yellow sequins to the light of the camera journaling block to give it the appearance that the flash is going off. Super cute!


I hope we were able to inspire you to get into the craftroom and create something amazing this week (or at least reminded you of projects you need to catch up on!). I hope everyone stays warm and has a wonderful week.

Happy crafting!

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