January 2020 Page Kit ~ Sheri

Good morning! I hope everyone has been able to stay warm and cozy over the weekend 🙂

Our featured layout on the blog today is a sweet travel-themed layout designed by Sheri that has me dreaming of blue-skied summer days.


Let’s take a peek at some of the techniques Sheri used in these two pages!

Here is the first page:


I love how all the shapes layered in the background all work together so well in this layout. Since the white piece has curved edges and a point, it seamlessly pulls together the rounded blue paper with the pointy silver triangles.


I love the little details Sheri has added in with her chipboard elements. Instead of just making messy loops with the wire, she formed them into overlapping ovals so that it looks like flower petals. The pearl bead gives the page dimension, and ties in with the smaller pearl beads on the second page.


If you look close in the photos, you can see that Sheri has distressed the edges of her blue polka-dotted paper and her white heavy-grained paper with silver ink. This helps tie in the other silver elements on the page, and as you can see in the photo below, gives the white paper an almost fluffy cloud-like appearance.


Another technique Sheri has used to liven up her ephemera is layering to create a shadow. She has done this with white below the blue banners and white below the silver letters. Using white helps the other colour stand out from the background colour and really pop on the page. If you look at the silver triangles compared to the silver letters, you can see that having that white shadow makes a huge difference.


Have you ever noticed there is often no apostrophe in alphabet die-cut sets (or you’ve lost it because it’s way too small to keep track of)? Sheri got creative and actually a letter to get the curved sections, the cut off the excess from either side to get an apostrophe-shaped piece.

Here is a photo of the second page:


Sheri also used the gold wire and pearl beads on this page. I love how the wire is formed into little leaf shapes, making the blue bow look almost like a flower. If you look close you can see that Sheri also added a bit of ink to her seambinding to tone down the colour a bit. By the way, have you ever wondered how the ladies get the seambinding to crinkle up and stay that way? The secret is a spray bottle. Just wet down the ribbon with the spray bottle, crumple it up, and let it dry that way. Once dried, even if you untangle it, it will still have that cool crumpled look!


Thanks for reading!

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