January 2020 Page Kit ~ Erminia

Are you enjoying the nice weather we have been having? On one hand I want to get outside and enjoy a bit of the outdoors before it gets too cold, but on the other hand I’d rather be nice and cozy inside crafting!

For your little dose of inspiration today we have Erminia’s monthly layout design. She has a done a cute winter-meets-summer 2-page spread this month.


The first page is a beautiful winter theme layout:


Erminia incorporated her pieces of rice paper into this page in two different ways. She added the two square pieces in as full images and even matted them like photos.This can be done by sticking the rice paper down to cardstock with an even layer of liquid glue, gesso, or transfer gel, then adhering the whole piece onto the black matting block. Erminia also used her rice paper as an ephemera piece by adhereing the rice paper to cardstock and then fussy cutting the shape out. She has also adhered it to the layout using pop-dots to give the piece to add some dimension to it.


The photo mat on this page looks super cool. Erminia used the textured white 8 1/2 x 11 from the kit and, instead of cutting it, ripped it into a rectangle the size she needed. Since this paper is so rough and fibrous, tearing it gives it an almost fluffy, snow-like appearance- perfect for a wintertime layout!


I love how Erminia has reversed the colouring between her two layouts. The first has a black border and the background has the white snowflakes, whereas the second has a white border with a black background. The fact that these two pages are complete opposites is actually what makes them work together so well.


Are you wondering how Erminia managed to use her one piece of white cardstock for both a background border and the big snowflake die-cut on the first layout? I’ll give you a hint…


A great way to save on paper is multi-purposing! Since the snowflake die only took up the middle of the page, Erminia was able to adhere the rest of the page to the back of the black one to make a full white border on the second page of this layout spread. There are a couple of ways you can do this technique- One way is to use a diecut and a cutting tool (such as a Big Shot) that fits a 12 x 12. The other way (which Erminia used here) is to use an electronic cutting tool.


Erminia added a colourful, patterned stripe to her otherwise black and white background using the leftovers of the blue polka-dotted paper and the yellow ribbon. By popping the ribbon in between the patterned strips, she was able to give the illusion of having a single, large strip of patterned paper rather than two pieces stuck together. The yellow ribbon also adds that little bit more pop of colour to the layout.


This little corner accent is just too cute! Ribbon doesn’t always have to be used to make a big bow or add a border. A little piece like this can also have a big impact when it is incorporated in with other bits of ephemera.


Even though Erminia added splatters of white and light blue paint to both of her pages, the effect is completely different. Since the first page is about winter, it gives a snowy effect, whereas in the second, summer-themed layout with the dandelion, it seems more like pollen or dandelion fluff floating in the breeze. It just goes to show how all of the elements on the page work together to give the overall effect.


Happy crafting!

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