November ’19 Page Kit ~ Laurie

This month, Laurie created a beautiful two page spread in commemoration of Remembrance Day.


Laurie has used a number of electronic cut files to design these two pages, including letters, letter stencils, and military accents. An electronic cutter (such as a Silhouette or Cricut) is a wonderful tool to have in your craft room because it gives you access to a huge variety of designs to cut, and gives you flexibility in sizing the designs. However, You can still create a similar design to this using large letter die-cuts.

Laurie has pulled the two pages together by center-aligning each of her words, echoing the navy lettering, and reflecting the placement of ephemera on each of the pages.


If you look close you can see that Laurie has saved herself both paper and work. She has used some letters on the first layout that she cut out from the second page outline die-cut. I think my favorite part of this first page is how Laurie has embossed each letter. I tried to capture the dimension in the photo below:


In order to help the embossed patterns stand out on the navy cardstock, Laurie has actually gone in and inked over the raised areas using Picket Fence and Ground Espresso Distress Inks. She has also added in a couple of the leaf negatives from her die-cut on the second page to create consistency between the two pages.


The poppy that she has added to her tags really adds to the Remembrance Day theme. It also pulls together the ephemera and the background as reintroduces the floral concept.

On the second page, Laurie cut the outline of the word ‘November’ and used her patterned paper to fill the letters. If you go back to look at the the two pages beside each other, you can see that she continues the pattern of purple-white-purple-white-etc across the two pages as it switches from inking to patterned paper between the two.


I love that Laurie has added colour to the envelope die-cut from the kit. In order to create this effect, she first used a marker to colour the envelope die-cut navy blue. My recommendation for this step, whether you use paint or ink, is to do it on a craft mat. That way, you don’t have to worry about going off of the paper. Use light pressure so that you don’t rip it, as the lines are quite thin. Next, she adhered the die-cut to the white and grey leaf-patterned paper. She then fussy-cut out the full shape of the envelope and greenery from the grey and white leaf-patterned paper (if you make any stray cuts, you can hide them fairly well by touching it up with the navy marker. You can also colour the edges if you wish). Lastly, Laurie used different coloured markers to colour in the greenery right over the patterned paper. 


I hope that everyone is able to take some inspiration from Lauries layout today! It is always interesting to see a layout now and then without photos. Layouts like this are great if you are using them as decoration or title pages. For those who don’t like layouts with photos, Laurie has still used a ton of techniques that you can replicate and incorporate into your own designs.

While scrapbooking is a generally fun and light activity, Laurie took the initiative to commemorate a more serious and heavy topic. I hope that everyone is able to take a moment today to remember what Remembrance Day represents and pay thought to the thousands of Canadians that have given their lives to protect our country.

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