July ’19 Page Kit ~ Erminia

Good morning! Today is the last of the layouts for the month of July. This colourful layout spread was designed by Erminia.


Erminia’s layout this month incorporates mixed media and layering.


Since there is a lot of white in the layout and Erminia has also used white paint for her mixed media, leaving the torn edges of the paper white (rather than inking them) adds to the mixed media effect. I like how here she has added a colourful layer between the two black and white layers. It adds a pop of colour, but because the black and white layers are wider it keeps the background from being too busy. Erminia also brought the colours out from this colourful layer in her fussy-cut flower.


Erminia coloured the flower using watercolours. The really cool thing about this technique is that when Erminia splattered more watercolour over the page after adhering the flower, the paint reactivated and gave the splatters a water droplet-like effect. If you look at the photo above, you can see that Ermina added the paint splatters all over the background. She did this after adhering the background paper layers, fussy-cut flower, and die-cut flowers to the page, but before adding the photo and photo mat. This helps to tie all the background elements together while making the photo pop at the same time.


Here’s another photo  so you can see more of the cool paint splattering! Notice how she has used different sizes of splatter as well- this helps the splatter look more random. You can do this by using different splattering tools or using more or less water to dilute your paints. More watery paint should give you larger splatters (I do recommend giving the splatter a quick test run on a scrap paper before you add it to your layout though to make sure you are going to get the effect you want!).


Erminia has used a similar technique here, but has put the paint splatters over the corner of the photo mat as well. If you want to make sure that your photo doesn’t catch any splatters when you do this technique, just cover it with a piece of scrap paper while you splatter! You can also set something heavy on top to make sure it doesn’t move out of place while you are adding your paint. Notice on this page that Erminia has added a strip of chalky white paint on the orange cardstock sticking out from below the paper layers. Since the cardstock is such a bright orange, it gives a very strong contrast when beside the white-based patterned paper. The white chalky effect of the paint softens the transition between the bright white and bright orange.



Have a great day!




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