May ’19 Page Kit ~ Rayanne

Summer is a great time to hang out with the family and create some warm, sunny memories. No-one to take a photo for you? No problem! We live in the age of phone camera selfies 🙂 Rayanne’s layout this month features a collection of fun summer selfies to get you in the mood for warm weather and  DIY family photos.


I love how even though the photos and titles are fairly spread out, the patterned circle in the middle of the page (framed by the other papers in the background) pulls everything together.


There are two ways you can create this circle in the middle of the two pages where the pattern matches up using only one piece of black cardstock.

  1. Cut the black cardstock in half. Adhere the yellow ribbon and pink and blue patterned papers as pictured so that you end up with two 12×12 pages. Cut a circle out of the floral patterned paper (you can use an electronic cutter, die, etc.). Cut the circle in half. Line up the edges of the circle with the edges of the black cardstock and adhere.
  2. Find the center of your black cardstock and measure out from there to adhere the yellow ribbon and pink and blue patterned papers so that you end up with one 12×14 page. Cut your circle from the floral patterned paper, center it on the 12×14 page and adhere. Cut the whole page in half so that you end up with two 12×12 pages. i think this way is easier and more accurate, but you will need a centering ruler and a paper cutter that can cut 12×12.

Rayanne also pulled her pages together by coordinating her title pieces. She used the same colour of paper, similar font, and same hashtag and enamel dot on the i’s. Speaking of enamel dots- I am personally horrible at keeping track of the i and j dots once I’ve die-cut out a phrase. The always seem to vanish on me! Sometimes I end up just cutting another phrase out just for a new dot, but another way to get around this is to just draw it on or, as Rayanne has done here, add an enamel dot. An enamel dot is cool because it not only saves you time but also looks intentional!

Here is the layout for this page spread:

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