May ’19 Page Kit ~ Patti

It’s about time to get some flowers growing! Patti’s garden-themed layout is full of inspiration for anyone with a green thumb (or for plant-illiterates like me, anyone who loves taking photos of flowers other people grow)!


Patti designed the two layouts so that when they are laid together like this they look like one long 12×24 layout! She did this by cutting apart a 12×12 patterned page and using either side on each of the two layouts so that the cut sides lined up in the middle between the two pages. Since she used this technique, she put her photo cluster  so it would be in the center of the two page spread rather than centered in each respective page. It pulls to two pages together, even if they were separated to add to an album.


Patti added a bit of dimension and texture to her button and flower by splattering some glaze on them before adhering them to the layout.

Patti painted the diecuts with glaze (such as glossy accents) to give them an enamel look. This helps them stand out as a piece of ephemera rather than just another paper piece. She also added more dimension to the page by having the diecut come from under one photo but overlap another.

I love how Patti has used a bunch of different photo styles on this layout spread. It makes the gardening look like a family tradition that has been kept alive as time passed. Even though the pages fit together, the one on the left has the older photos and the one on the right the more recent photos. Having the different photo styles mixed in with the border and ephemera pieces gives the photo cluster a cool collage-like effect.


Here are the page layouts:

Happy crafting!

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