January ’19 Page Kit ~ Patti

Here is our first feature layout of 2019! Patti created an absolutely gorgeous 2-page travel spread with a bonus photo flap to stick between the pages when she adds it to her album.


I like the mirroring effect with the two tags- since the backgrounds of both layouts are the same, having elements like these tags that mirror (bottom, sticking out on left to top, sticking out on right) it helps pull the pages together but also add more visual interest. These kinds of techniques help make it so that the pages are ‘coordinating’ rather than matching’.


Notice the distressing Patti added to her pages! The one above has inking done over the plane paper and inking and embossing powder blotches in the background. Patti also used these techniques on the second page  which pulls them together. She used the same technique on the page below!


I love adding pocket pages to my layouts! They are a great way to add some extra photos or journalling (which essential for a travel spread!). I love how Patti has also added a couple quote blocks into her photo pockets. It adds an extra element so that the whole spread isn’t only writing and photos.


Until next time, happy crafting!

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