November Page Kit ~ Patti

Happy Monday! Can you believe it is already the last week of November!? Time seems to just be flying past lately. That means we have just two layouts left before December!!

Patti’s layout this month stands out because she decided too avoid using the music theme and focus on the romantic, antique theme of the paper. The monthly layout kits are always great because it helps you (and me!) see how versatile these products can be. Let’s take a closer look at Patti’s layout:


I really like how Patti balanced her elements in this layout so that, even though most of the pieces are tilted, it creates a good flow and base for the photo. Also, since the photo is the only upright element, it really pops!


In the upper left corner Patti used one of the tags and some ribbon. If you look at the next photo of the bottom right corner ↓↓↓↓↓↓


…you can see that the colours Patti has used for her die-cut swirls are the same as the ribbon colours from the top corner! This pulls the eye diagonally across the page, helping pull it toward the photo, which sits between the two elements.


You can see in the photo above one of the other ways Patti tied all her elements together- burgundy accents. Since she has just bits of the colour here and there as the title, thin photo mat, die cut, and ribbon, it helps the eye pull everything together without any one section standing out too much. Having the title at the top and ribbon at the bottom also creates a bit of an unintentional frame (or was it intentional>>?) that helps center the photo. Together with direction created by the ribbon and die-cut swirls mentioned above, the lines between these elements creates an X shape centering on the photo.


I love the technique she has used at the bottom of the burlap here! It is a super cute way to integrate the ribbon and also add some texture to the layout.

Here is a draft of Patti’s layout you can work off of (please forgive my drawing ability on the swirls!):


Hopefully I’ve been able to give you enough inspiration here, but if you want to see any of this month’s layouts in person, you’ve only got a few days left to catch them in store! (There is also loads of other inspiration that isn’t on the blog you can check out also ^_^)

Happy crafting!

We always love hearing from you !

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