July Page Kit ~ Krista


Good morning! Even when the skies are grey, a big smile seems to brighten the room. Krista’s July monthly layout, Smile, is sure to give you the inspiration to brighten the lights in your craftroom and get to creating!

I love how Krista did her background for this layout. Even though she used quite busy paper, she layered it so that her title, photo, and shaker box would still pop out and grab your attention. Here are a few ways Krista kept her busy background in the background:

  1. Layered framing. Krista used horizontal strips of cardstock at the top and bottom of her layout to frame and narrow the layout. This helps to pull attention to the middle strip of the page where she has her photo and title.
  2. Lots of layering. Krista used a lot of different patterns, but they are layered so that you only see a bit of each, meaning none of them will overpower the layout.
  3. Frames and popdots. By using multiple cardstock frames (and popping some up), Krista drew attention to the frames and what they held because the cardstock contrasts with the patterned background. The ribbon and flowers on some of the frames also help direct attention. Her title, smile, stands out because it has been popped up.
  4. Distressed background. Krista also splattered some black and pink paint on her background. This makes the pattern less crisp and so less attention-grabbing. Stamping the date stamp all the way down the background on the right side also helps to separate the background from the feature.

I love the features Krista made. Her photo is adorable, and her shaker really pops with the dark grey confetti (made with a Prima confetti die) and copper accents. The butterflies in the third frame also add a bit of whimsy and a summery feel to this happy layout.


I hope we inspired you today- happy crafting!

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