“Good Times”: Fussy Cutting Frenzy


Summer is all about good times- enjoying the sunshine, meeting friends, and enjoying a cool treat on a hot day. The bright colours and fun themed papers from Pink Paislee’s Pick-Me-Up line inspired me to channel summer in this layout. Today I would like to share some fussy-cutting tips with you using this layout as an example.

If there is one thing that I always fall back on, it’s fussy cutting. Even though it can be time consuming,  I can’t seem to stop myself from adding at least one fussy-cut detail. Sometimes, I can’t stop myself and the whole layout becomes fussy-cut madness! That’s how this page was born (along with some inspiration from a Jennifer McGuire Ink design).

Some of my favorite ways to incorporate fussy-cutting into a layout are:

  1. Create a layering effect. When you have floral (or other) patterned paper you can add some dimension by fussy cutting flowers and layering them on top of similar flowers on the rest of the paper.
  2. Framing a photo. You can layer little fussy-cut ephemera over your photos to better incorporate your photos into the layout and add dimension. This can also help pull attention to your photo.
  3. Butterflies. Fussy-cut butterflies on a layout seem to add a bit of whimsy that I can’t stay away from.
  4. Fill weird empty space. Sometimes I get my whole layout done and there is one spot that is a little too empty. An easy way to fix this is adding a little fussy-cut accent or two.

I know fussy-cutting isn’t for everyone- it can be time consuming, finicky and frustrating. Here are some fussy-cutting tips that I live by (hopefully they will make it a bit easier for you too!):

  1. Use a pair of small, sharp scissors.
  2. Choose large, blocky shapes that don’t have a lot of sharp corners.
  3. If you have a smaller or more complicated shape, leave a bit of a border around it when you cut it out. This will make it easier and can also make your shape pop against the background.
  4. Ink the edges when you are done. This helps hide any small cutting mistakes.
  5. Give your fussy-cut piece some dimension. I did this on my butterflies by rolling their wings around a pencil, and on my flowers by applying pressure with a stylus onto the paper on a foam mat. This will keep your paper from lying flat when you adhere it to your layout.

I hope you were able to get some ideas and inspiration for paper fussy-cutting. See you next time on the Urban Blog!



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