The February Page Kit features this charming page, designed by Patti.

If you get the kit, this is the page for which instructions are provided, but as always, we hope our ideas give you a starting point, but definitely put your own creative spin on it!


A few great ideas from Patti:

This little collection of embellishments anchoring the bottom left of the photo. So pretty!


This neat way to use the ribbon! Folded over on itself and then stapled on the edge – perfect way to add to edging detail!


The thread peeking out from beneath the photo, the little clip on the edge and then the title of the page cut from the patterned paper and popped up with dimensional tape! Charmed for sure!


We hope your week is off to a great start. Stay warm, enjoy the ever so slowly, but surely lengthening amounts of daylight (It’s 5:14PM as I type and I can still see sunlight!) and keep on crafting!

See you later this week with more of what we’re up to at Urban Scrapbook!


We always love hearing from you !

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