December Page Kit – Laurie

Hello again!

Today’s page share is from Laurie who used some great, easy to do techniques that add interest and dimension to any page!

Laurie 1 (1)

First, have a look at the border detail. Here’s a closer view:

laurie 3

Laurie gently scored the patterned paper to make these white ridges. It frames the whole page and doesn’t add any bulk at all, awesome for those albums that are getting quite full, but you still want to add a few more pages! You can do this with a scoring blade in your paper cutter or with a scoring board. Try a sample piece of the paper first (or a piece that will be covered up) so that you can practice how much pressure to use. Thinner papers could tear if you press to hard, so use a light touch!

The next technique was to emboss the foil ornaments. These die cut ornament shapes work beautifully for embossing. Laurie used a variety of embossing folders – a different one for each ornament- and then strung them all with the green twine and arranged them so they seem to cascade down her page. Very eye-catching.  A sprinkling of sequins and star stickers add to the festive feel.

Laurie 2

Fabulous ideas Laurie – thank you for the inspiration!

Stay warm everyone!

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