Kelly’s Korner – Crate Paper’s new Carousel

I guess you know by now, I love, love, love Crate Paper!

I can barely wait for each new collection and buy more than I need because I never want to run out.  I’m certain Crate Paper and the lovely Maggie Holmes are making it just for me!  Even our customers have said, “oh, this is Kelly paper”.

Photo Credit – Crate Paper

Don’t you know, I bought it all ! I’ve made my first layout with a few of my favourites! I photographed this beautiful vintage Carousel when Mr Korner and I visited Paris last summer. The photo’s were so perfect for the paper.

The chipboard and sticker sheets are so pretty!  I also decided to fashion a heart from some of the UPC strips. They’re the strip that shows the pattern on the other side of the paper that we trim off. Why throw them in the bin?

I simply cut out a heart and taped on all my strips. Once trimmed into shape, I used my craft pick to make the holes for some hand sewing.  I was pretty happy with the results!

To balance my hand sewn heart, I made a small shaker box using  a frame from the tag sheet and one of my photo’s.

My other photo was layered with paper and more chipboard from the collection.  Don’t forget to pile on the thread! I chose to use Gold thread for extra pizzazz.

Paris ❤ Paris ❤ Paris

I stamped the title with Tim Holtz Foam Stamps and Oxide Inks, then gave them definition by tracing each letter with a brush tipped Faber Castell PITT pen in soft black.

Of course there is lots of colourful splatter, sequins and stitching to add that punch of texture we all love. It’s a little bit nostalgic and the fresh colours pop when layered all together!  I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

Come visit me on Pinterest – Crate Paper Love

I’m Kelly from the Korner for Urban Scrapbook.

Ps. Thank you Mr Korner for our romantic Paris Holiday! Smooch!





3 thoughts on “Kelly’s Korner – Crate Paper’s new Carousel

  1. What a brilliant idea using those end pieces to decorate your heart! I’ve used bits and pieces of the end piece from time to time, but never in this creative way. You are a marvel of new ideas every week. I don’t know how you do it.

    Today I stitched together some papers to make a sample book of my chlorophyll print samples. I forget sometimes how relaxing it is to stitch by hand.

    Lovely post, my dear.


    1. Hello, Hello sweet Alys! Thank you for visiting and your compliment too. Honestly, I didn’t invent this idea with the strips, I see
      it on other work and incorporate it when I can. This collection is so pretty, I really can’t bare to part with any little bit. I thought it was
      a good idea to pass along. “sharing is caring” 😀

      What is a chlorophyll print hon? Have you told me about these before? I don’t think so. Stitching by hand is relaxing isn’t it? On little
      projects anyways. Can you imagine settlers doing entire dresses by hand? Done so well that you can still see them in collections. Amazing right?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve just posted about my adventures in chlorophyll printing. Using my Big Shot, I pass a folded piece of card stock or watercolor paper with a fresh leaf from the garden sandwiched in between. The chlorophyll is what gives the leaves that green color. When it works, it transfers a beautiful impression of the leaves.

        I like sewing by hand, but I also know it is time consuming. Everything women did in those days required time and manual dexterity. Amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

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