An Art Filled Page-A-Day with Elsa

Did you see the story about my Websters Journal a few days ago?  I told you about how I highlight a few things each month.

It’s all very Kelly’ish in my favourite colours.

But I wanted to show-off a Journal by Urban Scrapbook customer Elsa, that takes a whole different approach and I love, love, love it!

It’s a super colourful and fun Daily Art Journal !

Elsa’s Daily Art Journal incorporates paint, ink, paper, stamps, lettering, Jelli-plate paper creations, sewing  and embellishments!  WOW right?!  Recognize these stamps?  I think more than a few of us have them.

Like many of you, Elsa’s a busy mom. Sometimes there’s little time and the page is a quick snapshot of the day! Like these half pages (or tag pages) about gardening last May. I recognize that Carabelle stamp! What a great way to use all your favourite craft supplies.

But, sometimes there’s a lot more detail too. Elsa says it’s her happy time and making a small piece is much easier. I’m so inspired to practice my hand lettering. It just looks awesome in her journal.

I really fancy the background here. It super creative and check out the colourful butterflies too 😀 Sunday, Funday indeed!

An Art Journal can be a place to incorporate all the techniques you love most. Isn’t this little washing machine by Lawn Fawn perfectly cute!?  Laundry day has never been so fun.

This colourful stamped image made me laugh!

If you have to be ‘Under House Arrest’, why not have a creative day?!  I wouldn’t mind one myself and I’m so inspired by all the creativity in Elsa’s Art Journal, I’m heading to my own craft room right now!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Art Journal with Urban Scrapbook Elsa!









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