Kelly’s Korner – I Didn’t Plan On ‘This’

As this crazy month draws to an end, I spent an afternoon updating my Websters Pages Planner.

Like scrapbooking or card making, no two Planners have the same style. My planner decor is limited to 3 or 4 colours. Personally, I prefer the same colours and style to flow from page to page and month to month. Easy-breezey, like life should be.

I bet you know which colours I chose!




Did you guess black, seafoam and pink?

Instead of planning daily activities, I record only two or three highlights from the month. It’s more like my personal diary. There are tons of stamps and stickers dedicated to planners and of course there are loads of Washi tape in mine.

Since you’re working on a very small canvas, all our favourite Designers have created the cutest miniature stamps too. I’m beginning to think there’s one for almost any situation life might throw your way!

On the 5th of July, Lori officially announced she would retire and our much-loved store would close forever! Stay calm! Just breath!

It was no use, I felt like I was in an emotional storm and the tears couldn’t be avoided at times.  It was like a twister went through the store every day!  Thank you for your compassion and support during our sale!

Then, when we least expected it!

Nicole came to our rescue!

On Friday the 21st of July we found out Urban Scrapbook would live on!

Everything Will Be OK!

I like having a place to creatively recap my month.  I’ve added a few custom touches along the way too. If you’re a Planner Girl, you might enjoy…….

Miniature pocket pages!

Envelopes to keep memento’s!

These envelopes via a Cut-file in the Silhouette Studio.

A Journal Pocket !

I had a small pocket for my Journal Card, but the holes didn’t line up. Solution, cover with coordinating designer paper and punch new holes.

Thanks so much for being here, on this creative journey!

I’m Kelly from the Korner

for The Urban Scrapbook

PS, Thursday is blocked off every month because that’s my time here with you ❤








9 thoughts on “Kelly’s Korner – I Didn’t Plan On ‘This’

  1. Gorgeous as always. I don’t like the sad journal page (boo) but I LOVE the happy page (Yes!) I guess I should say I like all the pages, but I’m sorry for the roller coaster you’ve been on. I’m happy for all of you. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean about sad pages. But I couldn’t recap the month without the whole story. Thank you for your message hon ❤ I think the good karma is paying off and I'll need to fill up my Karma bank again because it might have all be used up on this wish. I feel so lucky to have a job I love with people I love. xo ❤ k


      1. I think when we reach this age, we’re simply not willing to settle for a job that doesn’t bring us joy. It’s been a rough month, but now you have a new owner and the transition seems to have been seamless. Way to go!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Patricia ! You’re an awesome cheerleader, thanks so much for your messages! You always brighten my day ❤ I'm still figuring out this 'Planner thing', and learning along the way. It's like a mini canvas for me and I've found, a good place to use left over bits from other projects too. Let's face it, I haven't found a paper project I haven't liked yet, LOL. Have an awesome weekend my dear! x K


    1. Hello hello dearest! Just another addiction, this washi tape. Of course I snag every aqua/seafoam tape I find becuase it’s the best colour in the universe, ha! I feel very blessed to be able to stay on at Urban. Nicole is going to have 110% from this eager beaver, because I would like our shoppers to be thankful for us being there because we’re so awesome…..that’s my goal anywho! One creative page at a time xoxox k

      Liked by 1 person

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