July Page Kit Challenge – Karen

July 26th, a splendid and sun-filled day in Edmonton!

What better day to share this sunny Page Kit Challenge layout by Karen?

Karen is a pro at mixing pattern.  A lot of scrappers find this tricky. Or depending on your style, too busy. But the experts at Echo Park have done such a fab job with this collection, it all looks great mixed together. As long as your eye has some good open space to rest between all the glorious vignettes.

If you keep your collaged area’s tight, even a patterned paper beneath becomes the neutral space.  As Karen has expertly shown with the Plaid and Yellow Designer paper above.

Even though Karen’s collaged area’s are generous in size, she still has three photo’s on her layout! The narrow red frames are interesting too.

I totally love all the layers in this collage.  It screams tropical sunshine with palm leaves, bouquets of exotic flowers and a flamingo!  Karen used the stencil in the kit to enhance the die cut flowers, that’s super eye-catching.

Great use of the sun chipboard too as it does double duty in the center of another flower!

Thanks for following Urban’s,  ‘Page Kit Challenge’ for July 😀

See you on The Korner tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “July Page Kit Challenge – Karen

  1. This is a super-cute page, Karen. I have to smile at the boys climbing, sliding and hanging upside down. That’s how my two spent a lot of their youth. Good memories. (They’re 17 and 20 now).


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