Kelly’s Korner – Love Ya All Year Round

There’s  plenty to love about Crate Paper ! One quick peak at my ‘Crate Love’ Pinterest board and you’ll be hooked too.

 I can’t resist all the pastel magic of Designer Maggie Holmes and totally love scrapping with her collections.

It’s all soft, hip and romantic….remind you of anybody? LOL!

Actually, some of the cutest Crate Paper’s came out at Valentine’s, so I challenged myself to do something fresh, non-seasonal and inspiring with a few of my favourites.,

This is what transpired, “Love Ya All Year Round”!

The large heart was cut on my Cameo from plain black cardstock from a FREE cute-file available at Paper Issues. I like the way you can see through it to the floral paper beneath.  It’s a great focal point to build on. I always love my threads, splatter and sequins too!

You get several pretty frames on the ‘Heart Day’ Chipboard Collection, so framing your photo’s looks totally polished.  Love the gold glitter details too!

So follow your own heart!

Scrap with what Inspires you,

all year long 😀

Thank’s for visiting!

I’m Kelly from the Korner

for The Urban Scrapbook




3 thoughts on “Kelly’s Korner – Love Ya All Year Round

  1. There we are smiling, heads together. 🙂 You’ve really done a lot with this fun paper. I love all the angle cuts. They add texture and interest. I’ll bet your head is spinning after taking so many gorgeous photos on your travels. Will you use this line of paper as well?

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    1. Omgosh! I remember replying to this message hon, but see it’s not here. Well, 2nd time’s the charm.

      I will absolutely continue to use Maggie Holmes collections old and new. One thing she does is continually use similar colour pallets in every new line. I actually really love that because you can mix vintage Maggie with her new stuff and it all looks seamless.

      Currently looking for my camera card so I hope I find it. Took a lot of travel photo’s in the mountains and never downloaded them yet. I remember taking the card out, then got distracted…gah! xo


      1. Oh I do that all the time. And the camera chips are so small. They even make marvelous cat toys. I hope it turns up soon. I’m sure it’s not lost, just misplaced, but how stressful. Thanks for coming back to check. xo

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