June Page Kit Challenge – Krista

We’re sharing a pet page inspiration from Krista today!

You know, I sure love chatting up shoppers that are buying pet paper. It’s just fun to hear all the unique names we give our fur family.  These, in the top 100, Luke, Bear, Milo, Simba, Abigail, Bella, Cloe and Marley might live on your sofa.

‘Today is the Day’ you meet Comet !

Krista typed Comet’s message, “Woof, woof, woof”, directly onto one of the die-cuts included in the kit. If you don’t have a typewriter, you could also use your stamp sets.

I also like how she placed lettering directly on to the photo.  You’ll get two full sheets of lettering in the kit too!


Did you notice the cool embossing Krista did on the papers under Comets photo?

What an awesome way to add colour and texture at the same time!  Get out those embossing folders friends! They’re back in a fun and interesting way!

Thanks for joining us today!





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