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Basically, it’s a nine pocket page protector you fill with small scrapbook cards in any theme you choose! We sell the pockets at Urban. Tag sheets, available with most paper collections, work perfectly in them. Then you add little details to personalize your letter. The fun part is trading with another gal who makes one for you too. You also tuck in a letter and some treasures for the recipient to use in future projects.

Pocket Letters by Kelly's Korner For The Urban Scrapbook

I just traded another Pocket Letter with one of our Urban friends, Kahla. I decided on MME, Just Be You paper since I’d just used it on a couple of projects. Here’s a peak at my Pocket Letter 😀

Pocket Letter by Kelly's Korner for The Urban Scrapbook

Two of the pockets were made into see through shakers with my Fuse-Tool. Here’s some idea’s for one you might like to make:

1. Include some twine on a folded card
2. Tuck small treasures into a tiny gift box and clip to your Pocket Letter
3. Add charms to the spine with a pin and small beads to glam it up.

Pocket Letter by Kelly's Korner for The Urban Scrapbook
4. Use transparent stickers on your pockets
5. Add buttons, beads, sequins or pretty paper shapes into the shaker
6. Fancy up the spine with pretty co-ordinating ribbon

Pocket Letter by Kelly's Korner for The Urban Scrapbook

It’s all business in the front, party in the back, LOL (remember the mullet?) It’s lots of fun to think up ways to send the scrappy treasure in your pocket. Speaking of treasure, Kayla made me a gorgeous-aqualicious pocket full of surprises.

Pocket Letter By Urban Friend Kahla for Kelly's Korner

Of course I loved all the aqua ribbon attached to the spine, the star shaker on top of the cover and all the treats, especially this tiny aqua pen! Cute right?


Pocket Letter by Urban friend Kahla for Kelly's Korner

I had a fun time designing Kahla’s Pocket letter and it was a big treat to receive hers too! Win/Win !!! Trade with friends, or register for a distant Pocket Pal from around the world. It’s fun, it’s scraptastic!

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