Kelly’s Korner – Love Challenge

Is there any wonder what my favourite colour is?

The Perfect Colour at Kelly's Korner

I can’t imagine why I wasn’t asked to pick out the paint for our recent update at Urban? Well snap, it still turned out pretty fabulous. Just in time for our two day class event with Amanda Arneill, which BTW was wondrous! Amanda was engaging, entertaining and I learned a ton. Use the link to check out her blog for lots of lettering tips, techniques and inspiration. Holla Amanda !


Amanda Arneill at the Urban Scrapbook


Notice how I managed to sneak in ‘the perfect colour’ on the party loot? Snicker….giggle. Look! Even the jellybeans were a gorgeous shade of aqua blue. Thanks for indulging me Lori. I never met an aqua jelly bean I didn’t like love. Just how many calories are there in 40 50 a dozen handfuls of jelly beans

With the renovations under our wings, we’re happily hanging up the tool belt and looking forward to Valentine’s. Hooray for February and being one month closer to spring.


I made the Calendar header with my new Cameo 3. If you don’t yet have an electronic cutter, don’t hesitate. There’s a lot to learn at first but oh my, look what you can do!


It’s fun to see the store go from a winter scene to heart warming red. I filled our seasonal banner with messages just for you…and a dozen of your closest friends, LOL.

Hugs and Kisses aside, I thought I’d share a trick I used on the February layout I designed for The Urban Calendar Kit 2017.


This heart is made by cutting a heart out of your top paper, in this case, it’s the wordie pattern. You use the cut-out to trace a heart onto the bottom paper and fill it with strips, like so…..

February Calendar Kit Layout by Kelly's Korner for The Urban Scrapbook

Making your strips in varying widths will look more interesting. Once the heart outline is full, lay the top sheet over it and PRESTO!

February Calendar Kit Layout by Kelly's Korner for The Urban Scrapbook

I also machine stitched around it to add extra definition. Here’s my background before all the goodies were added.

February Calendar Kit layout by Kelly's Korner for The Urban Scrapbook


You could use this technique with any number of shapes. A cat, dog, house or even your own profile! That might be really cool !! The possibilities are endless.

Silhouette Idea's To Use with this technique

Source Pinterest

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One entry will win a super-duper gift prize package from yours truly (that’s me). A future Kelly’s Korner will share entries, so make sure to join the fun. Try this technique or one of your very own. Entry deadline is midnight February 13th. Good Luck scrappy-wonder-design-gals -extraordinaire!

Be Creative, Be Kind!
XO, Kelly from The Korner
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