Kelly’s Korner – Girls Night Out

Hello fellow budding artists!  Isn’t it amazing what we learn at an Urban art class? Hmm, she looks familiar.

Whether you love art journaling or creating on a canvas, we have something for you.  Oh my, and you won’t be a starving artist on our watch.
Geez, I wonder who ate that slice?  I can’t tell a lie, it was Lynette  (snicker).  OK, so I just told a lie, LOL.  Lynette was too busy encouraging our guests as they recreated this wonderful canvas she designed.
There’s always lot’s of interesting conversations and laughs along the way too.  Our little Frannie F is the light of our evening.  We love you Fran.
What to you need to attend?  Nothing more than a smile and a desire to have fun.  Does that sound like you? Urban will provide your canvas, paint, water dish, apron and even brushes if you haven’t any of your own.
The store is closed to everyone but you.  You can shop till you drop and run a tab until the end of the evening. 
I love seeing all the creations leaving at nights end.  Call a friend, bring a sister or just join the fun alone.  Oh, did I mention there’s wine?
Have a wonderful weekend!
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