KELLY’S KORNER – Surprise’s Are Popping Up

Gotcha !!
The Korner has shown up on an odd day. Tricky me, just keeping you on your toes! Do you like surprises? 

I admit, they’re more fun to make than take, ha!  Having a crafting room full of Urban treasure makes card making a must when someone I love has a birthday coming up. I’ve been the lucky recipient of some really creative pop-up cards. They’re like little fold down box’s with clever layers of fun.

I’d never made one before and wanted to include an ADORN-it Art Play image. We have a fab collection at Urban and as you know, I’m entirely addicted to them.

I choose the birthday themed sheet and painted this one.

I designed the box to accommodate the size of my ADORNit Art Play image. The box goes together easily and can really be any size you need. I simply scored a 4 x 12 sheet of patterned paper to make a square and inserted 4 slats. Easy breezy.

I’d recommend planning the backdrop first. It’s the scene everything else pops up in front of and should be the tallest. I used the ADORNit Art Play card, layered over coordinating cardstock and some feathers. The feathers provide an airy layer to glue on extra tidbits or even a message. They are also very light and won’t make your box tip over from weight. 

I used a vintage stamp set I like with Black Archival Ink by Ranger. Then I painted them with the same pens I used on my ADORNit Art Play character so that everything coordinated well.

Why not add a charm or two for some fun bling, we have drawers full to pick from. Finally, all the stamped images are glued in place. This top image of the card shows how they’re staggered.

Now you can see each image when you view the card from the front.

Mark Twain said this about birthdays:
Age is an issue of mind over matter, 
if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

Thanks tons for ‘popping’ by !
Kelly, for The Urban Scrapbook


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  1. Hi (( Alys )) and thanks for cheering on Kelly's Korner. It's exciting to have a message, LOL The card was sent off to Sherri H for her May BD. Yours was the very first one I'd ever seen and I thought it was so adorable. Took me 2 years to get around to trying one, tee he. You're always inspiring xo <3 K


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