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News Flash! My life is never dull, just yesterday morning……

I was getting up when my phone rang,  “Kelly, they’re towing your car!”  Gah!!!  I had forgotten a scheduled street clean.  Oh dear, and lots of NO PARKING signs to remind me. Head slap!  So I ran out, in my pj’s, crazy hair and no glasses to save the day. “Please, sorry, wait, slept in, work today !” (am I using too many exclamations?)  Good Gravy, wake up Kelly! 

I do actually have a very good excuse for sleeping in. I was ‘creating’ in my craft room until 2:30am. I was on a roll. Do you ever do that? I was enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and finishing this mixed media piece.

Birds Of A Feather

It’s for a new friend on Instagram. Do you use Instagram? I’ve only recently joined but it’s lots of fun. You can follow Urban Scrapbook and me too. In fact, all your favourite’s are there, like Stencil Girl, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Memory Box, Adorn-it and our very own Jan Hobbins !
You can also search by topic: scrapbooking, art journaling, mixed media, doodling, water colouring. Just endless possibilities. You can share family photo’s, artful creations and fun stuff you see. Instagram is just another way to be creative! 

My mixed media project is the result of an invite from Instagram crafter Jen, to trade ‘Happy Mail’.  Jen is sending me one of her creations and I’ve done the same.  So what’s in this piece?  Refer to this weeks title, LOL, what isn’t? But here’s a closer look:

Please drop me a note if you would like any of the product details. Creativity is meant to be shared and it’s all available at The Urban Scrapbook.  Hope to see you there soon.  We love making new friends.

Sometimes the most
ordinary things
become extraordinary 
when you do them with
the right people

Nicolas Sparks

So happy you came by,
 xo Kelly
For The Urban Scrapbook


4 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  1. Hi Leilani, thanks for visiting and your super awesome message. This quote points in so many directions for me. From work to blogging to flexing an artistic muscle to just hanging with a fun friend. Even a trip to Target can be memorable with the right person. x K


  2. Hi hon, we absolutely will be able to attend a class while you're here. Especially if you arrive the last week of July. There'll be Art Journaling Tuesday with Lynette, who is adorable and you will totally love. We also usually do the last Friday of the month as Art Bar. I'll be sure to book us into something.

    I'm so happy you had to look beyond the art to see the elephant. I wanted it to be part of the art, not 'the' focal point. For me, it represents a big group of inspired folks. This is what I wrote to Jen from Instagram:

    'I think of elephants as being very loving within their communities and so he fit into my little garden with all you creative souls. He’s picked up a bundle of
    flowers to herald the joy of this exchange.

    I think she'll enjoy discovering her own meaning. There's a secret not revealed here 😀 Thanks for your message Alys, I can't wait till we can make art together xox


  3. I wonder if one of these classes will coincide with my visit to Edmonton? They look like so much fun. Your eye for color and detail is amazing. You take such disparate components, put them together and create magic: flowers, gold thread, sequins, paint, paper. Amazing.

    Funny, I first looked at this on my phone and had no idea there was an elephant in the center. What a nice surprise.


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