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Happy Easter!  I can hardly believe we’re rounding the corner on our March Calendar.  I’m going to miss our wee Leprechauns and their shining pots of gold.

When it’s time to update the store calendar, I’ll take inspiration from a new paper collection, a holiday coming up in that month or even the weather outside.

Happily, April is now at our doorstep. So as our calendar fills with classes and/or events, we’ll hopefully be seeing some spring showers too.

Welcome to spring time at The Urban Scrapbook.

Where beautiful colour blooms around every corner.

How could I not be inspired everyday? When we recently received a generous shipment of Stencil Girl and Pebeo Paints, I knew I wanted to create something hip and cool, with a nod to all the glorious spring colours in the store. How did I narrow my picks from all of this?

Sometimes it’s not easy, but this is what I couldn’t resist (on this particular day, LOL). 

I Gesso’d a sheet of Mixed Media Paper and adhered torn Tim Holtz tissue to the entire surface. Then using one of my favourite new Stencil Girl Stencils, I blended on three colours of acrylic paint.

Next, texture paste through my butterfly stencil, dried with a heat gun and dabbled on the new Bo-Bunny Glitter paste in two colours. I always have a selection of cool buttons to add a very personal touch. This one, a coveted sunflower. It’s always nice to add something unique to a creation.

I decided die cut butterflies in white were a nice relief from the riot of happy colour they float on. Repeating elements, using different media’s can suggests depth on your work.  Like all the multitude of circles on this piece.  First, paint through a stencil, then lids dipped in various paints, then buttons, then paper cut with a die. All circles, repeated in various media’s. 

I finished my project by colouring an ADORN-it Doodle and adding a meaningful message. 

Be Yourself, happy……happy & beautiful

Special thanks to Lynette, for all her inspiring Art Journal Classes, you’ve opened my eyes to a who new world of pretty!

On behalf of the entire Urban Scrapbook team, we wish you a very happy Easter.  We’re open Noon to 4pm Good Friday, 10am to 5:30pm Saturday and Monday.  Please come by, say hello and let us know how we can help with your own creative projects!

Kelly for The Urban Scrapbook


4 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Be Yourself

  1. Lynette's class is fun for a lot of reasons. Most of the gals are regulars, we chat and sometimes snack 😀 and make something awesome while we're at it. I don't know if all groups click so well, but we sure do. Lynette manages to keep us all on track, even though everyone's normally working at their own pace. Your's truly is most often behind the 8 ball, but it's easy to put on the final touches at home too.
    I sure appreciate your compliments about the photo's too hon. It's something I really work on before posting. We're going to rock it this summer……eeeeeek, getting closer ❤ xo


  2. Look at all those colors. I am so looking forward to finally visiting your store this summer.

    Your mixed media classes sound like a lot of fun. Want a terrific way to express yourself and what fun, too. Great photos, dear friend. Great project, too.


  3. Hello Marlene-a-go-go! Super nice for you to come visit here too. Thank's tons for all your support and love. It means a lot to me. I've really been enjoying the Journaling Classes at Urban once a month. It's my favourite time of day when I can get into my own stuff at home and mess about on a canvas. I think this particular project is a good reflection of my life right now. Happy, colourful, a riot 😀
    Blossum and Petals are always thankful for attention and rarely let you spend five minutes without them. Hugs and happy Easter!


  4. That is a riot of colors!!! Loved it. Saw it on your Pinterest page and had to pop by. Happy Easter, Kelly. Give Blossom and Petals a chin scratch for me. Giant squishy hugs. MH


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