KELLY’S KORNER – Spring Ahead

Hello, hello!  Spring is nearly sprung and the Urban Team has been busy brushing away the snow drifts to replace it all with lots of bright project inspiration.  Spring colours and Easter wonders have completely taken over the store and my craft room. I might as well be writing you from a giant paper nest complete with aqua eggs. LOL, maybe I am, you can never be sure.

While I did make something round this week, it wasn’t a giant paper nest, it was a wreath. Like my Halloween wreath the base is chipboard.  I gave the raw chipboard a coat of Prima Chalk Paint in (you guessed it) Egg Blue. The wreath form was then covered in our new-for-spring pastel Tulle. I used about 8 yards of each colour to finish a 12 inch wreath. The fringe is 3 inches wide. It’s fast and easy since you’re just tying on the tulle and trimming for evenness.

I decorated the top of the wreath in three places. It’s the ol’ magic triangle. Did you know that using odd numbers on your projects will be more pleasing to the eye? It’s true, think in groupings of 3 or 5 or even 7. I use this format again and again, especially on layouts. Do you see it? 

This cute watering can is a BigZ die by Sizzix.  The paper by Echo Park was also Easter baskets on Kelly’s Korner last week

I thought delicate feathers complemented the Tulle nicely. A splash of Prills was all that was needed to help them get noticed. Have you used Prills before? It’s so easy, just add dabs of white glue on your project, then sprinkle on the goodness. It’s like the sugar on top. They come in 36 fabulous colours.

I’m not a giant fan of big bows on wreaths, but a bit of dangling ribbon can make your wreath look much larger without a lot of extra weight. 

Urban Scrapbook has The BEST ribbon selection in Edmonton bar none, so it was easy to find three I loved. 

Then,  I switched gears and broke out all my mixed media goodies.  I just had the urge to paint!  Does that happen to you?  I wanted something that was hip, but with an Easter vibe. Possible? Yes!  

Come on back next week to see what transpired. It’s very cool, it’s new, it’s fun, hip, colourful, tasty.  Ok, so I got carried away. Not tasty, I repeat, not tasty.  But hip and cool, like all of you.  

Look out ‘Jenny From The Block’,
I’m ‘Kelly from the Korner’ for The Urban Scrapbook
Thank-you so much for coming by!


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  1. Dear Penny Flossy 😉 In fact, you are a dear to visit. Sorry you're down the rabbit hole, if you see a sign that says “drink me”……don't do it xo K


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