Welcome to March, the month of major wardrobe confusion.  One day it’s balmy and spring like, the next day I’m looking for my mittens. 

Oh, weather-shmeather! It’s still super exciting to see the new spring product arrive at The Urban Scrapbook.  Can I just take a moment to thank Lynette and Jan for making such awesome selections at CHA this past winter, I gasp over every tasty morsel.

Making a list and checking it twice…checkity, check, check !

Speaking of tasty morsels, sweet Krista Morsel Morris just celebrated a birthday and kindly shared her delicious Duchess Bake Shop cake that Lynette surprised her with. Krista’s one of our little dynamo’s that keeps things organized and rolling along weekdays at The Urban Scrapbook.  We kind of adore her !

I’m not only shopping at Urban (please, no eye rolling), I was also working at the Urban Art Bar last Friday.  These ladies made it lots of fun!  Please call the store for details and upcoming dates.

So let’s see,
  1. More winter, check
  2. Less spring, gah
  3. Shop for cool new stuff, yup
  4. Urban Art Bar, fab 

Oh, and then I made a couple of little Easter baskets with Echo Park papers and bit’s of things on my craft table. They turned out so dang cute, I’m making a couple for Urban. They’ll be on the blog next week with details to making them. Kelly Cottontail will also have some at the store, why not come by? We’d love to see you!

I feel inspired and hope you do too.  “Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the paint on it you can”, Danny Kaye.

Always happy to hear from you! 

For The Urban Scrapbook


4 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER- Hop To It

  1. Fancy that, you make me smile too 😀
    I'm thinking this was during a week when Slink needed a lot of TLC, your garden was being teased, M wanted a ride her, there and back again and maybe had a nice hike with the Mr. It's a wonder we squeeze in as much as we do and as always, you make plenty of time to support me, you are a doll ! xo K


  2. You are a doll to come by, thank you Marlenie-bean! There's a new Kelly's Korner posted today with a link to a demo for making these baskets. Very simple and quick. The little round thing at the top of the basket is a fancy paperclip. They're part of an older Paper Collection but matched this paper nicely. There's all kinds of extra embellishments that come out when a company issues a paper collection. I always thing they're the best part 😀 I love your hugs, always xo K


  3. So I popped over since it's the only place to visit you these days. The Easter baskets look so “you”. Wondered how you made them. Also the little round thingy at the top with little dividers, what is it?? Easter will probably come and go here. You do make it so happy though. Giant squishy hugs, Marlene Herself


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