KELLY’S KORNER – Celebrate The Parts You Love.

Time fly’s when you’re lazing around palm tree ladened patio’s. I rushed home from Maui early Tuesday morning to brilliant winter weather and Lynette’s monthly Art Journal Class.  BTW, have you noticed how slow it is at airports these days?

When you attend a class, your awesome instructor will always supply the products they’ve used for their design. The paint, gesso, glitter and stencils, it’s all included at absolutely no extra charge! But here are the basics to bring to every class: paper towels, wet wipes, heat gun, blending tool, sponges, assortment of brushes, mechanical pencil, scissor, gesso, texture paste, cat, apron, favourite paint colours and a water spray bottle.  That’s right! I will soon know who actually reads this stuff, LOL.

Notice the plethora of aqua accouterments. I like to be able to splash it around liberally on my artful creations. Your instructor will not mind at all if you personalize your art, in fact, it’s expected and encouraged. Our inspiration this week was gorgeous ! Thanks Lynette for another fun class.

For The Urban Scrapbook
Art Journal Layout by Lynette S for The Urban Scrapbook

Here’s mine, so far………
The Urban Scrapbook

The snowflakes were made using the same Tim Holtz dies, I also used his snowflake stencil on the background.

After adding a layer of snowflakes, the journal pages were gessoed.  Next, it was paint play time! The background is created with several of my favourite colours of Tim Holtz Distress paint, mushed around (that’s an art term, ha) with fingers and water to keep it moving. Then play, chit-chat, play……easy-breezy-cheesy-louisey. Righty-O, a few stencils to bring in some shape and contrast.  Are you a ‘rule breaker‘ ? Excellent! Because there aren’t any rules!

Celebrate the parts you love….embrace the rest
Free printable from Kelly’s Korner

I love each and every class. The techniques we learn, will help you find your own voice along the way. With that in mind, here’s something yours truly designed to celebrate LOVE !

I used my Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks to create the quote then molding paste thru a stencil to create the flourished texture. We have so many stencils at the store, the possibilities are truly endless. The butterflies were initially stamped with Finnabair Art Stamps and then painted with, of course, aqua. 

I added multiple layers of paint, both acrylic and water-colour. Then washi tape, petite roses, doodling, Stickles and Prills here there and everywhere until I was happy with the whole beautiful mess. 

I’ll have it at The Urban Scrapbook until Valentine’s Day, if you want to get up close and personal. Until I see you again, “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” Salvador Dali

I so appreciate your visit,
For The Urban Scrapbook


6 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Celebrate The Parts You Love.

  1. HA! you did read every word, thanks Alys!

    We should square away the dates of your visit so that you're here the last week of July. We can do the Journal Class together the last Tuesday of the month, July 26 or even the Urban Art Bar on the 29th. Both or either??? hey? So fun! I briefly wondered if they'd consider paint Brushes a weapon at security so took my Water Brushes instead. They're almost like a pen with a brush tip that are filled with water. The worst I could do is splash someone….So many X-rays last year….HA! xo K


  2. I read every word. =^..^=

    What a fun class. I think I would really enjoy playing with all those tools and colors. It's a wonderful way to express your creativity.

    I'm glad you and your paintbrushes made it through security without any troubles. xo


  3. Thank's for reading and replying Dawn, LOL. Wouldn't that be a scene? I was just at a meeting at in a conference room at the Valley Zoo. They display a number of canvases painted by the four legged residents of the zoo with all proceeds going for support of programs and renovation efforts. So maybe kitty art could be the next great thing? I'm not sure I'd be willing to clean up the mess though. Thanks so much for visiting. Cheers K


  4. Hi Patricia ! You're a doll to come by with such a nice message. Thank you. How's everything? We'd love to have you at Art Journal, it's all really great gals. I attend Lynette's during the day. But we also offer an evening class with Katie, who we adore too. I'm in on Tuesday next, come visit, I'll bring my Journal and you can see if it's something you'd like to do. x K


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