KELLY’S KORNER – Aloha Crafty Friends

and a gentle island welcome !

Mr Korner thought I needed a wee break from crafting, so here we are, in paradise! No craft room, no projects, just the sand, sun, swaying palms and the two of us……or five of us….

I named them Avril, Sandy and Irene even though the scruffy one might have been a boy (snicker).  These sweet little birds  watched me mindlessly paint, ‘Island Style’. This may or may not involve a bowl of pretzels, a glass of wine and a nap.  Only Avril, Sandy and Irene will know for certain. 

That silly Mr Korner ! He didn’t think I could really go away without a little project did he? I packed a pan of watercolour paints, a collapsible cup and a pencil case. In it, a few brushes and pens is all I needed.  Easy breezy, it took up no luggage room at all. 
While on Maui time, I’m enjoying a new mixed media book too. 

It’s by Danielle Danaldson and it’s just my style. You’ll find lot’s of colourful inspiration and tutorials. 

I’ll tell you what isn’t my style, SURFING!

Ya, I probably should just stick to artful endeavours.  But holidays are for trying new things, right?  Like this desert we shared last night…..they called it ‘Crumble Cake’. I called it,  ‘What On Earth !’ 

I’m learning a little island math:

Whipped Cream + Chocolate + Pastry + Holidays = 0 calories

Let’s just say it’s an early Valentine’s treat shall we? Speaking of Valentine’s, here’s a close up of a Banner I made for The Urban Scrapbook. 

The flowers and butterflies were fussy cut from the paper collection. The pink ribbon is custom dyed seam binding and the words are die cut. I’m always reaching for new ideas and thought it’d be a little more funky using two different font sizes. What do you think?

If you’re like me and could never afford an entire large alphabet die set, The Urban Scrapbook classroom dies are free for our members to use. Ask us about member privileges and perks. 

The paper, by My Minds Eye is called My Story. It’s not a Valentine’s themed collection per se, but I fell for the unique colour combo. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be red does it?

No red?! Gads! 

Yes, very daring!  It’s a combo of berry-pink with black, white, and gold accents and much like me, completely hip and trendy, LOL ! Not to worry, there’s a little romance thrown in too.  Look, cabbage roses, gold hearts, vintage hankies and doily banners!  That’s pretty romantic, right?

I thought so too.

Not convinced? Come by my Pinterest Board.  I’ve collected a bunch of crazy cute idea’s for you to try. It’s so versatile and pretty. 

I also used Lawn Fawn’s Stitched Party Banners Die Set. 
How perfect is it with a heart? 

To take your banner to the next level, how about placing one or more letters on a banner shaker?  It’s super easy with this set to cut a frame to lay over your acrylic shaker.  I’d be happy to help you plan it, xo!
So, here it is hanging at The Urban Scrapbook. 

To get a better look at this and more Valentine inspirations by the Urban Girl team, please drop on by. 
Until then remember, 

Kelly for
The Urban Scrapbook


7 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Aloha Crafty Friends

  1. Dearest Tuulip, thanks so much for swinging by my Maui Edition Korner Palooza Extravaganza, LOL (you know you're typing nonsense when spell check lights up like a Broadway show)
    We sure did enjoy Maui. It's pretty casual and laid back. Not at all like a day at Urban Scrapbook. Maybe that's why I was ready for home at the end of the week. I miss the camaraderie and creativity that buzzes around Urban. I've said it before, we have awesome customers. Thank you for supporting the store and Kelly's Korner. It's very much appreciated.


  2. Oh Kelly!! I so hope you are enjoying your Hawaiian holiday!! I've seeing you at Urban Scrapbook!! So cool, you doing some creative thinking and making on holidays! Have lots of fun and relaxing with no calorie desserts!!!


  3. Dear Hoaloha, which according to Google is friend in Hawaiian. It should be spelt 'Alys' cause youz da bomb. <3 We just watched a sunset from the patio. One more evening and we'll bit Aloha to the islands. Those little birdies are named for friends of Urban and most importantly, friends of mine. We have the best customers, who support us, hugs when the arrive, come to classes and I adore them completely. I wish everyone could enjoy their work as much as I do. Work?? bahaha, that right there makes me laugh.
    Those birdies here think I'm going to feed them, and usually I do. It's actually not allowed but I'm thinking they won't tell.
    mwwaaa for dropping in for the Aloha edition xoxoxo k


  4. You are hilarious! I smiled my way through this post. First off, love those three little birds and the fact that you named them. So cute. And “Mr. Korner” Snicker. You're banner is colorful and uniquely you. And how great are you to be writing an Urban post from Maui. You rock…and surf.


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