KELLY’S KORNER – Hallelujah

I’m really getting into the groove of a brand new year, how about you?  I got the tree down, put away the decor and just mailed my last parcel.  Oh, am I late?

I’m pretty sure my friend Julia will still be happy when it finally arrives.  Spoiler Alert!  If your name is Julia, and you’re my friend, you are in the wrong post, nothing to see here, bye-bye now.   For all the rest of you awesome folks, here’s what I made Julia:

You might have seen Jan’s Turquoise Village Dwelling on her Blog and here a couple of weeks ago. I was so jealous inspired, because aqua just ‘happens’ to be my favourite colour too and I couldn’t wait to make one for Julia. 

There’s sparkly stairs made with double sided foam tape and glitter. For fun, I tucked a Christmas Tree just inside the door. 

I decided to use Texture Paste for snow.  I also used it on my Kaiser Christmas Advent an liked the results. After slathering a generous amount on the roof, I dabbed it onto the window sills and around the church base too. Then lightly sprinkled with glitter while it was wet, I used Tim Holtz Rock Candy Dry Glitter. Once dry, you’ll have perfect, sparking snow drifts.  
Of course a ‘bell tower’ needs a bell, so I strung a tiny one into the cap of the bell tower before assembling.  We sell both the bell charms and crinkled wire at Urban.
I remember as a kid, being totally in love with the stained glass windows at church, so naturally my little aqua church as them too. I coloured a piece of acrylic with alcohol inks, then tossed on some glitter while still wet.  This you’ll have to leave dry. If you try and speed it up with your heat gun, it’ll melt, warp and be trash (trust me, I know. Gah!). 

  I fashioned a mini wreath for the gate from Tim’s ‘Pine Twine’.
Yes, it’s a Christmas gift and yes, I’m a bit late but here’s something you may not know, my second favourite colour is pink.  So finally, how could I resist this pink gingham for the bow?  I hope we’ve given you some ideas for creating your very own Vintage Village.  Remember, the bad thing is time flies. The good thing is, you’re the pilot. 

Brand New at The Urban Scrapbook

Good Luck with your Post Holiday Crafting !
For The Urban Scrapbook
Dies used on this project:
Tim Holtz for Sizzix. 
 Village Dwelling #660992
 Village Bell Tower add on #660987
  Village Winter add on #660998
Ironwork Gate 658711 (fencing)
Memory Box – Stitched Bows #30056 (bow below the gate)


4 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Hallelujah

  1. Alys ! I was surprised to find you here, LOL Since I wasn't going to share on FB until after I heard from Julia. You're so supportive to come find me, xox
    The fence and bow are also dies. The fence is a Tim Holtz die called Ironwork Gate. I also used it on that Halloween Tree House sent to Wendy in NZ. Don't know if you remember that one it was eons ago. But it's the perfect size. Yep, the bow is paper too. It's a Memory Box Die. I'm banana's for their dies. I'm going to send you some Pine Twine because I have wolds still and you may have a hard time finding it after Christmas now.
    I wish I'd gotten to Julia on time but Santa got stuck in a snow drift…tee-hee. Missing you like mad, are you sure you can't make Mauii? 😉 xo K


  2. Shhhhhh….I won't breath a word. Oh my goodness she'll love it. It's adorable, infused with such love and detail. That tiny wreath is the cutest. I briefly considered a wreath for my fairy garden door, but lost my energy. That product looks like the perfect thing. Next year…

    Is the bow made from paper? It's charming. Masterfully done!


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