KELLY’S KORNER – Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Oh, hey there!  Today’s Kelly’s Korner goes perfectly with a warm cup of tea or if you’re a little saucy (like me), maybe a hot coffee with a shot of Bailey’s. 

Celebrity tea date aside, here what’s been happening in my craft room for a couple of weeks.

It’s made with a Kaisercraft Advent Kit (#SB2316).  The papers are actually a combination of two, My Minds Eye, Cozy Christmas and Shimelle, Christmas Magic

Similar in colour, the lime green, cherry red and aqua, smacks of a certain era.  I’m thinking: wall to wall shag carpeting, leisure suites, bell bottom jeans and pointy shirt collars. Not exactly traditional, romantic or precious at all, but more hip, mod and youthful.  Does that sound like you? Maybe I’m just wishful thinking and living vicariously through my scrapbook paper, LOL.

If you plan to make one of your very own, here’s what worked for me: 

I pre-sprayed all pieces with white matte acrylic paint. 

Before assembling, I papered the entire back panel. The paper was faded with white Prima Chalk Ink.  I like the faded look on the right way more.

I pre-painted all interior surfaces before the assembly using pretty Prima Chalk Paint in Robins Egg Blue. 

I wanted to hide all the joints so covered the sides and top exteriors with balsa wood.  It’s inexpensive and easy to cut to size with a craft blade.  The exterior was then crackled, including the add-on base I made with a piece of custom cut lumber (holla Andrew) and mitred trim. It adds extra stability. I was inspired by Katie’s Advent design. 

I used construction adhesive to affix a tiny music box on the back.  Don’t you just love music box chimes?  I really do, they’re so whimsical and sweet. I used several different finishes on the box interior’s before they were assembled with glue.  So much easier when they’re flat.

Once all the interiors were done, I used white glue to assemble, then wrapped with a tiny elastic to dry overnight.

To paper them, I cut a strip of 12×12 paper the right width and glued it around the box. Then trace the bottom of the box onto the same paper and cut that out.  

Here’s one trick to getting the coloured paper you want. Just add that colour using your ink markers, like I did here.  I wanted more green and aqua, so using a ruler and markers I changed it from Black/Red/white, to Black/Red/White/Green Aqua (but of course there’s Stickles on top).  I learned this technique in Lynette’s Art Journal Class. You should come!

Once all the boxes were papered, it was time to decorate. Each box can be the same if you want, but I went for variety. Not all my boxes have numbers either. Say what? Yes, shocking, I know.  I didn’t follow the usual drill.  But that’s how I roll. I’m such a rebel….snicker.   Some of my little boxes ended up with these cool buttons from the MME collection. 

I used white texture paste for snow and sprinkled clear glitter into it while still wet.  It dried looking like pretty sparkling snow. I love how it glitters under the lights. 

The actual decorating of the box is a very personal affair. I decided to use the chipboard from the MME collection, Tim Holtz pine garland and bottle brush trees (a few I custom dyed), a chipboard picket fence from Blue Fern, and lights from Prima.

Even though I whined a bit to Lori that it was a pretty big project, (insert silly face and blowing kisses here). I do love how it turned out.  Lori has a way of pulling the best out of you with fun and creative challenges. 

If you need any help at all, please do call Urban. I’d be happy to help. We have a few Advent Pros’s around, including our very own Katie. She built 10 of them for her class. OMgosh, I can’t even imagine the madness. Yet she seems so sane doesn’t she?  Just kidding Katie, you’re adorable and you should know it. 

Remember, “what doesn’t kill you makes you, cranky, stressed out, tearful, insane, stronger. Yes! definitely stronger.

Happy Holiday Crafting my dears,

for The Urban Scrapbook


4 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Dreaming Of A White Christmas

  1. Spinning right now! Oooops my cape just swiped the foam off my morning Latte, LOL.

    Thank you my dear Texas Rose! I was pooped at the end, but it did turn out rather cute. I've since regained my senses and maybe I will make another next year. Thanks a ton for coming by Leilani xo you're a doll.


  2. Hello hello, thanks so much dearest. Yep, it was a big time crunch. I needed it done for December 1, so that was the tricky part. These companies could put out their Xmas paper way earlier, ha. I had a vision from the very beginning for how I wanted it to look. As with most crafters, I see all the flaws that I wish I could change but I loved the colours too. I was going for a post modern (think Mad Men) Christmas vibe, something that might have been around in the 70's. I think the next one will be way easier, LOL xo


  3. This is a masterful work of art. I can't imagine the time that went into this. I love the contrast of white and blue paint, the charming back drop and all the vignettes. I love the way your creative mind works.


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