KELLY’S KORNER – So Charming

Did you have a fun Halloween? Well, as they say in the Biz, “that’s a wrap!” Actually, that might be Showbiz and not the Scrapbooking Biz, but this group’s so artistic anythings possible.

We were in full on Halloween mode at our Annual Halloween Crop over the weekend. All the costumes were pretty fantastic! A big thanks to the ladies who could attend and bravo for all the fun costumes.  As always, Lori’s buffet was totally yummy and Jan made a couple of beautiful prizes.  Here’s a boo at the details.


Naturally, it wasn’t all about the food and prizes, some stunning projects were completed over the weekend too. 

Totally charming, right?  Speaking of charming, have you been in to Urban to see our new charm display?  Our very own Lori Nelson is the mastermind behind the design and construction of our new, fun-tabulous, multi-drawer, glass topped ‘Charm Palooza’ ** ! (**may or may not be the official name).

Lori’s been scouring the planet for every little charm possible.  I think she may have succeeded. I might have even heard someone say, “you can stop now”. LOL !

Oh, and did I mention we have a few buttons?  Truth is, I’ve always been a bit passionate about buttons and actually have a Button Board at Pinterest.  I like to sneak them into my layouts at times too. 

Since winter doesn’t officially begin until December 22nd (it’s true, I checked), I’m still loving-up all our fall collections.  Pop back next week when I’ll ‘shake’ things up a bit.  

Sneak Peak

Until then, this is for you, “An artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist” Ananda Coomaraswamy.

So nice of you to come by,

for The Urban Scrapbook


7 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – So Charming

  1. I'm really happy you enjoyed the Halloween Crop and visits to Kelly's Korner too Irene! You're a doll to say so. I know all the Urban Girls enjoy making the store the first choice for arts and scrapbooking around. As always, it was another fun day at Urban but with some extra KA-pow! Maybe it had a little to do with all the candy I ate but more likely, that all you girls are just adorable. I count myself so lucky to be part of Lori's team and to hang with my creative minded friends throughout the week. Thanks again for being a big part of our story. xK


  2. Well, thank you for always visiting Alys, you're a doll to be supportive here every single week. If I had a #1 Fan award, I would give it to you x

    It is the MOST fun place to work. Well for me anyways. The other day, Dorothy and I worked together on a wreath for our Rememberance Day display and I was thinking, “this is criminal”, LOL “I get to go to work and craft!”

    I hope we can do a class together, if you can come the last week of July into the first week in August, we can do Lynette's Art Journal !! OMGosh, that would be great! xo


  3. Wow, what an amazaing array of charms and buttons. I'm a big button fan myself.

    It always looks like so much fun at Urban. I can't wait to finally go next summer. Thanks for another charming post.


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