KELLY’S KORNER – Urban Girl Happiness

Hello, hello!  
Hey?! Have I mentioned how much we love our dies at Urban? 

Or how much our Jan loves licorice?  She’ll probably try and tell you that I eat way more.  Maybe, but who’s counting and who’s better at funny pictures on Photoshop? Speaking of dies, I’ve gone a little nutty this week myself.  These ones especially caught my eye.

I think the nesting dies are an absolute bargain. Since, I use several dies on every project, I couldn’t imagine scrapbooking without my Big Shot.  So this week, I also treated myself to a brand new one.  

It’s so pretty?  

Of course, all the loot that comes with it is a BIG bonus.

“Mr Daye, I think I’m going to need a bigger craft room!”.  Gee, why can’t he be as happy as this husband on the box of my new Big Shot?  This guy’s overjoyed that his wife bought herself a new Big Shot!  Then again, he is a little blurred out, maybe there’s actually tears in his eyes.

When you buy a Big Shot at Urban, you not only collect a bunch of points and the bonus loot, you also get yourself a new cat condo too. It’s a win/win!

I’ve been storing all my dies in these nifty Martha Stewart mini binders.  The plastic sleeves are the perfect size and there’s a handy pocket in the cover for over sized dies.

I’m curious, how do you store your dies? That’s it for this week so remember, “To laugh at yourself is to love yourself”, Mickey Mouse. 

PS, Thank you so much for your nice comments at the store about Kelly’s Korner. I’m having lot’s of fun and I hope you are too.


2 thoughts on “KELLY’S KORNER – Urban Girl Happiness

  1. Hi honey-dew! Thank you for always incouraging me, xo Hehe, licorice Jan has go-go boots on, which makes me laugh because she's a little sweetie pie and go-go boots might be too saucy for her.

    I noticed the happy family on the box when I was carrying it to my car. I said to Lynette, “if she just got a new Big Shot, she'd be too busy to make dinner for the family cause she'd be craftin”
    It's so smooth to use. Loving it! my original one still works but bends up the acrylic plates quite quick.

    Omgosh, I wish you could come shop, we are over flowing with fun new Halloween and Christmas.
    I should do a virtual tour for one of these posts xox
    4 days!!!


  2. I'm always impressed with the way you layer different dies to achieve the magic Kelly effect. I've learned from you that layers, layers and more layers add texture and character to everything. I wish I had your knack for pulling the pieces together.

    LOL on the guy on the box. It's subliminal: take this home, the man in the house can't wait for you to get a new one. Besides, kitties were over-due for a new box.

    I love licorice Jan. What a hoot! Fun fun fun.


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