Kelly’s Korner – Color Trends

I’ll tell you, if that little bird could really talk, oh my, it would make for some pretty creative chatter ūüėÄ Speaking of creative, I want to brag (a wee bit) about how colorful and inspiring it is at Urban these days. I’m totally mad for all the new Dylusions Paints and Sprays for Dyan Reaveley by Ranger

The sprays come in 24 colours and the paints in 12. As you can see, they are deliciously vibrant. ¬†I really like how easily they store too. The paint jars are wide and low so you’re less apt to knock them over on your craft space. Or does that just happen to me?

If you’re at all intimated by color or the constant stream of new products, why not join us for an on-going class? ¬†We offer Art Journaling as well as our popular, monthly, Urban Art Bar. ¬†I’m so in love with Art Journaling, I can’t even tell you‚Ķ‚Ķ.well OK, if you insist : It’s just amazing to learn and use something new every class. From Gelly Plates to stencils, paints to inks, we’re having a ball!

You don’t need experience to attend, honest! I’m what you’d call, ‘an eager novice’. ¬†Our instructors are fun and fabulous. You can’t help having a great time. Frankly, I’m amazed by what leaves the workroom. This one is by our little french muse. ¬†Inspiring, oui? Thanks for sharing Sylvie !

You’re not into mixed media and journaling? ¬†No problem, there’s something for everyone to exercise a creative muscle or two.¬†

Including our mega shipment of Memory Box dies. ¬†Everything is a little¬†stitchy!¬†¬†Do you love the look of sewing on cards and layouts? ¬†The Urban Girls sure do. This new release of dies will help you get the look without breaking out your sewing machine. ¬†Here’s just a small peek, there’s so many more in the store.

I wish I¬†could show you them all, but you’ll just have to drop into Urban Scrapbook. ¬†We’ll see you there soon and remember, “be happy, be bright, be you”.

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